Garage Area:
- Private Parking Spots 
- Lockers
- Automated Gate 
- Well Lighted Area 
- Alarm  
- Elevator Accsess
- Stair Accsess  
Construction & Common Area: 
- Anti-Seismic Reinforced Concrete Structure
- Entrance Doors Solid Wood & Door Molding
- Each Department has its Own Consumption Meter For Individual Facilities
- Oversized Sanitary Cesspool
- Cement Reinforced Blocked Walls
- Parking Space's for Vehicles
- Storage Lockers
- Entrance AutoMatic Gate Metal Construction
- Anti Slip Ceramic Floor Coverings
- Electrical & Emergency Utilities
- Hallway Windows Including Screens
- Cement Stairway
- Elevator
- Fire Detectors Through Out Common Area 

Michael Lucas Promotor y Constructor

An enthusiast by profession, a natural entrepreneur and cook, Michael found Punta Blanca along the Santa Elena peninsula "the perfect location" to develop his passion in 2005 and has helped transformed it into one of Ecuadorean's most demanding areas.

Michael was born & raised in New York a code consultant & contractor by trade he has consulted on some of New York City's most pristine projects to name a few.

In 2007 Michael was elected exclusivity to consult and construct 18 masonry units importated from France for a royalty family in New York City, This was one of New York State’s largest private residence the project took 3.5 years to complete.

Michael was retained for a New York City Mayor, and a Presidents private property portfolio inspected and held their NFPA certifications.

In 2013 Michael was also retained for United Nations Headquarters in New York City inspections & held there NFPA Certification.

He also holds technical recognitions from the New York City Department of Buildings, FDNY, UL, NFPA and ASTM.

The Santa Elena Peninsula is the ideal vacation getaway, perfectly positioned along one of Ecuador´s most beautiful beaches you can be reassured with Michael's experience with North American standards you are getting more then the average in Ecuador. 

Punta Blanca has transformed, creating growth through out the 3.5 miles of beach, inviting international and domestic investment in the region which continues to develop.

​- Interior Doors in Wood With Natural Color
- Cement Reinforced Blocked Divider Walls
- Interior Walls Plastered & Painted Base White
- Large Ceramic Floor Covering Through Out
- Double Entrance  
- American Kitchen Wall Covering & Optional Cabinets 
- Walk In Shower
- Bathroom Toilette’s & Sinks
- Bathroom Wall Coverings & Glass Shower Doors
- Hot & Cold Water Plumbing
- Electric Water Heater Outlet & Connections
- Large Dinning & Living Area
- Sun Tinted Glass Doors
- Recessed Lighting Sockets
- Phone & Electric Switches / Sockets
- Electric/Cooper Tube Ready for Split type A/C
- Sound System Ready
- Chimney & Fireplace
- Large Bedroom Closet Door / Mirror
- Balcony
- Large Bathrooms

Better Quality Projects

Punta Blanca - Santa Elena

Common Area:
- Pool with Jacuzzi
- Barbecue & Bar Area
- Balcony Seating Area
- Out Door Fireplace 
- Seating & Dinning Area 
- Bathroom & Shower
- Fire Detectors Through Out Common Area  
- Slate Grey Color Finish 
- Glass Stair Enclosure
- Balcony's with Railings
- Sun Tinted Glass with Screens
- Lighting Antena
- Under Parking Garage
- Garage Lockers
- Guards Station