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For Immediate Release

August 2, 2018


New Yorkers are encouraged to call 8004SWEEPS (4793377) to request no-failure certificate, no-cost inspections.

New York, NY - Today marks the start of the NYCCS No-Failure Certificate Chimney Inspection Program. This is a citywide initiative allows New Yorkers to call 8004793377 and request a free, no-failure certificate visual inspection of their chimney's, and fireplace's, giving homeowners the opportunity to ensure that these structures are maintained in accordance with the NYC Building Codes. Following the inspection, NYCCS will notify homeowners of the inspection’s findings and whether or not the conditions observed pose an immediate safety hazard or warrant repairs. If immediate safety hazards are found, the NYCCS will withhold the issuance failure certificates for a limited time, giving homeowners the opportunity to make corrective repairs.

New Yorkers can call 8004793377 to schedule a free, no-failure certificate inspection anytime. Factors including change of fuels, neglect in maintenance, weather and shifting ground can cause chimney's to weaken, deteriorate, or lean over time, and it is important that homeowners are diligent in making sure these structures are safe and code compliant in order to prevent potential accidents.

“From both a safety and a monetary standpoint, homeowners are well advised to take advantage of this unique program,” said New York City Building Offcials. “Too many preventable accidents result from the neglect of chimney's, and fireplaces, and conducting repairs following an accident is far more costly than maintaining them properly in the first place.”

Since the NYCCS Inspection Program was launched in 2018, the inspection department has performed many of these inspections, keeping New Yorkers safe and saving homeowners precious time and money by preventing accidents. By law, homeowners are required to maintain their chimney's, and fireplaces in a safe and code compliant manner at all times. New Yorkers are encouraged to contact 8004793377 to report any unsafe conditions.

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