NYCCS is dedicated to raising the standard of excellence for the chimney sweep, inspectors, end users of chimney's & fireplaces in the real estate and property management market through education, information, legislative initiatives and a peer network that makes NYCCS the benchmark for technological advancement and career enhancement.

If you may have any questions that you would like to ask us or comments that you would like to bring to our attention, please contact us and we will do our best to respond back to you in a timely fashion. 

NYCCS Members Conduct Standards align with these widely accepted business conduct principles.

Loyalty and diligence

When carrying out business using the NYCCS, staff members are expected to put NYCCS needs ahead of their own personal interests. All business conducted on behalf of NYCCS must be performed in a diligent and loyal manner.

Transparency of activities

Members are expected to conduct NYCCS business affairs in a truthful, honest, and open manner. All documentation (in any medium) created in the course of conducting business must accurately reflect the underlying activity to which it relates.

Respect for human dignity

NYCCS promotes respect for the dignity of all people. This includes the protection of health, safety, and basic human rights for all. NYCCS is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment free from discrimination, harassment, violence, and the impact of alcohol or illegal drugs.


NYCCS supports free and fair competition and expects members to deal with all parties fairly and equitably. Any form of anti-competitive behavior is expressly prohibited.

Protection of property

All members are expected to appropriately protect the property they work with, or are responsible for, and to respect the property of others and the rights of those who own it. Within NYCCS, also includes copyright restrictions on data or information owned by others. External to the Company, this includes public or private property including the environment.

Our core values define us as an organization. They are the backbone and very essence of NYCCS culture. By remembering and living these core values on a daily basis, we ensure the continuation of NYCCS success and growth, and we protect NYCCS reputation as a highly ethical orginization. Each core value is described below.

Deliver world-class client service above all else

Exceed clients’ expectations by delivering excellence at all times. Provide a high level of service that is consistent, predictable, and unparalleled in our industry. Use honesty and openness, combined with a sense of urgency and obsession with details, to create
a fabulous client experience.

Actively drive a safe and injury-free environment

Commit to providing co-workers, subcontractors, clients, and the general public with a workplace and environment that is free from hazards and risk. Make sure each person working with or for NYCCS goes home safely. Embrace the empowerment and responsibility for enforcing NYCCS “zero accident/zero tolerance” policy.

Grow and develop our people to be the best

Our people are the reason for our success. We develop leading-edge systems and processes to train, support, coach and mentor our people to achieve the highest levels. Foster a culture of excellence by challenging those we work with to stretch their limits and become the best in their fields and our industry.

Value diversity, openness, and respect

Actively promote a culture of acceptance that embraces the many differences in our people. In all areas, respect and value the different backgrounds, experiences, heritages, lifestyles, races and ethnicities, and gender of colleagues. Work collaboratively to leverage these differences so that everyone at NYCCS can be the very best they can be.

Always act with a long-term and ethical view

Forge strong, long-term relationships with subcontractors, vendors, architects, clients and co-workers. In every internal and external transaction, act with honesty and integrity and always strive to do what’s right for clients and business partners. Maintain the highest standards of personal and corporate ethics at all times.

Walk the walk

Don’t just “talk the talk.” Support co-workers in meeting our commitments. Be socially conscious and give back to the community through volunteerism, philanthropy, and advocacy. Be a leader who models the way for others.

Find a better way

Think differently. Innovate. Come up with creative solutions to go “above and beyond” for clients, business partners, and co-workers. Our passion and refusal to accept defeat helps us to be resilient and flexible in achieving our goals. Work hard and also believe strongly in work/life balance and the importance of family.


Although our core values were written to be straightforward and easy to understand, applying and living up to them in today’s complex and dynamic business environment is not always easy. Therefore, we’ve taken steps to ensure that our staff always has the resources available to help them answer questions or concerns they might have about conducting business in an ethical manner. The overarching component of these resources is our formal Ethics and Compliance Program.

Co-managed by the directors of Internal Audit and our People Strategies Team, this program provides business conduct communications and training for the entire company. The co-managers also administer the various reporting lines established to address questions or concerns about business conduct. A cornerstone of the program is our comprehensive Staff Guidebook which contains policy guidance across a broad spectrum of business conduct areas. But even as inclusive as the guidebook is, it can’t provide answers to every situation that may arise.


There is a simple tool that can be used to help you when faced with a business conduct question or a potential ethical dilemma. We call it the Ethics Quick Test. It involves asking yourself a series of questions before making a decision or taking a course of action you’re not completely sure of. Our Ethics Quick Test questions presume you’ve already concluded the action you are contemplating is legal and in accordance with company policies.

Is the action fair to all parties?

Is the action honest, open, and transparent?

Does the action put NYCCS interests above your own?

Would you be comfortable defending the action to others, such as your manager or co-workers?

Would the action be perceived as fair to an objective person?

If you can also answer “yes” to all of the questions above, then the action you’re considering is likely to be ethically sound and in accordance with our core values. If you have any doubts, we encourage you to reach out and utilize the resources available to assist you.